101 Goals in 1001 Days #2

The end has come for my first 101 in 1001, and though I only completed about 40 of the goals, I am anxious to start my next set. I have spent the last couple of months finishing off what I could on my first set and writing my new set. I am much more confident that I will finish most of these goals, but I still do not have the goal to finish all 101. I think it is more important that I finish what is important to me during these next 2 3/4 years, than that I stress myself out trying to finish all of them.

I learned a few things about goal setting from my first set. The most obvious to me is to keep your money in mind when setting the goals. With my first set, I had so many goals that cost a lot of money (even making a savings account costs money, you just get to keep the money) that there was no way I could accomplish all of them. Some of those have bled into this second set, some have been done away with completely, and I have a lot more goals that cost nothing to very little, which actually proved to make the goal setting process a little harder.

The next thing I learned, which applies not only to goal setting, but to life in general, is that there is no need to be well rounded. I don’t really know why people think this is important, but all it does it set you up for doing things you don’t really care about at all. From my goals, I learned that I love gardening and cooking, but that I am not into sewing as much as I thought I was. That might come as a shock to some people, because I still sew more than the average person, and I do enjoy creating things, but if I had a choice between sewing something and growing something, I’d choose to grow it. With this in mind, my gardening goals are more daring, while my sewing goals were mostly made to finish up some projects I’ve already started. I don’t want to discourage trying new things, but keep the new things simple, and only make a few goals per new thing, otherwise you might end up with a bunch of goals you care nothing about.

Probably the last thing I learned is that I am still a procrastinator. I kept this in mind while making my second set, and the first two points play into this, but, also, making easier, less time consuming goals, I think will help. Some of my goals are larger goals broken down into smaller goals. Ex. “Go out of the country.” and “Get a passport.” I, also, have a lot of goals for my yard that I tried to keep small, as in they could be accomplished in a day, so that I can still get the yard I want, without becoming overwhelmed by the task.

So, here are my next set of goals. I think it’s pretty obvious how I’ve changed over the last 2 3/4 years, and that these goals reflect that.

Start: June 6, 2014
End: March 2, 2017

Completed: 36
N/A: 4
Remaining: 61

1. Study the Old Testament.
2. Read the Book of Mormon. ~done~ ~done again~
3. Get a fully funded emergency fund. ~done~
4. Make a popcorn chain.
5. Go to the temple once a month, with the exception of the first and last months. (5/32)
6. Enroll Lizzy in dance lessons. ~done~
7. Get a year supply of food storage.
8. Have a family picture taken and hang it on the wall. ~done~
9. Visit a state I have never been to.
10. Go out of the country. ~done~
11. Learn how to save seeds.
12. Go to the festival of tulips.
13. Go to the living nativity in Alpine.
14. Go back to school. ~done~
15. Arrange five hymns for the piano.
16. Make donuts.
17. Get a passport. ~done~
18. Learn how to shoot a bow and arrow.
19. Go shooting. ~done~
20. Get my concealed carry permit. ~done~
21. Fill a manuscript book.
22. Finish cross stitching poppies. ~done~
23. Can 50 quarts of applesauce. (12/50)
24. Can 50 cups of freezer strawberry jam.
25. Freeze 50 quarts of peaches. (11/50)
26. Make a family yearbook. ~done~
27. Print a book of my blog.
28. Enter a picture in the State Fair photo competition. ~done~
29. Make an address book. ~done~
30. Send 50 handwritten cards. (17/50)
31. Send 20 postcards using post crossing. ~done~
32. Finish five quilts. (1/5)
33. Sew five skirts for each girl. (0/10)
34. Put the completed tutus on etsy.
35. Get a will.
36. Visit the Getty.
37. Visit Yellowstone National Park. (7/23/2014)
38. Find ten new musical artists. (2/10)
39. Try five new restaurants. (5/5) ~done~
40. See the Northern Lights.
41. Go one month without letting leftovers spoil. ~done~
42. Make cinnamon rolls.
43. Install crown molding in two bedrooms.
44. Paint three bedrooms.
45. Get contacts again. ~done~
46. Carpet the house.
47. Get a new car. ~done~
48. Donate a weeks worth of food to the food bank. (7/29/2014)
49. Buy new, less dangerous when broken, dishes. ~done~
50. Make homemade yogurt.
51. Make compost.
52. Donate recipe books that I don’t use. ~done~
53. Print favorite online recipes. ~done~
54. Plant a peach tree.
55. Reach 100 posts on my blog. ~done~
56. Have ten songs memorized at once.
57. Organize craft room.
58. Plant five new plants in the food garden. (3/5)
59. Get rid of the plastic weed barrier and replace with free weed barrier.
60. Make a vest for munchkin.
61. Make the slits shorter on my black skirt. I’m moving on from this skirt.
62. Buy new lace t-shirts.
63. Donate my hair to Locks of Love. This is a bit of a sad story. I chopped my hair to donate for this, but the lady that cut it, didn’t know the correct way of storing the hair, so I can’t donate it. At this point, I doubt I’ll have may hair long enough again to do this by the time this goal session runs out.
64. Learn how to repair clothing.
65. Organize yarn.
66. Fix broken code in blog.
67. Gather and print all of my facebook statuses.
68. Buy temple clothes. ~done~
69. Make beeswax candles.
70. Make 12 lotion bars with a decent amount of fragrance.
71. Read The Art of Homemaking by Hoole. ~done~
72. Study Revelations, D&C 77, and any other scripture I like having to do with the Second Coming. Write thoughts in a journal.
73. Cut down the weed tree.
74. Don’t spend any money on my garden for one year, while still having a garden.
75. Learn to make sugar from beets.
76. Read The First Two Thousand Years by Skousen.
77. Read The Third Thousand Years by Skousen.
78. Read The Fourth Thousand Years by Skousen.
79. Clean the washing machine.
80. Clean the dryer and vent.
81. Paint bathroom. ~done~
82. Listen/read all of April 2014 general conference. ~done~
83. Subscribe to the Friend and Ensign. ~done~
84. Study “Like a Broken Vessel” by Jeffrey R. Holland.
85. Learn how to cook brisket.
86. Build a fire pit.
87. Grill a whole chicken.
88. Sew my poppy skirt.
89. Put a new sprinkler system in.
90. Hike to Battlecreek Falls. ~done~
91. Swim 10 miles.
92. Research my Montauk heritage.
93. Write memories with my granddad.
94. Get a pedicure. ~done~
95. Teach the girls the alphabet.
96. Have a baby. ~done~
97. Take care of post partum health concerns immediately. ~done~
98. Make fun shaped crayons with the girls. ~done~
99. Figure out how to make white, flower dress modest.
100. Get a new mailbox. ~done~
101. Read Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood. ~done~

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