Baby Communication

Our youngest loves to take her time doing just about anything. She didn’t walk until after her first birthday. She didn’t start waving until recently. But, whens he decides to do something, so is a master at it. There has been a stark contrast between her and her sister. So, when I was filling out the Ages and Stages questionnaire for a well check, I was disappointed to see that she was actually falling behind in the communication area. Up until now she had stayed average or above average in every category, regardless of whether or not her sister accomplished it much faster.

While talking to our pediatrician, I was so relieved to hear that signs (as in sign language) and animal sounds count as words. So, while she only has two super clear words, dada and doggie, her jumbled, thank you, pinkie pie, twilight sparkle, and other attempts count as well. She signs, more, water, doggie, all done, and diaper change as well. And, finally, she knows what sound a doggie makes. She seems to be rather obsessed with doggies.

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