My Hypoglycemia

I want to write about my current health problems. This is absolutely amazing to me in a less than pleasant way. Keep in mind that I have not been diagnosed by a doctor with any of this. There is only one doctor in this world that I trust completely, and he’s a chiropractor/nutritionist.

To start off, I have hypoglycemia. It was genetically passed down to me from my mom. My brother has it as well. Hypoglycemia has to do mainly with blood sugar levels. It can be a precursor to diabetes if left unchecked, and there are a whole slew of unpleasant symptoms that go along with it as well, including depression, and a vast array of mental disorders. Our nutritionist has given us a diet that we use to regulate our blood sugar, so that we don’t have the typical highs and lows that make us act totally nuts.

My hypoglycemia did not kick in until pregnancy, during which, I did not think anything was wrong other than severe morning sickness. Post partum, my hypoglycemia manifested itself in the form of post partum depression, which is the absolute worst thing I could ever wish upon any new mother.

Basically, I believed that everyone, including my new baby, hated me and was out to prove my inferiority. I was miserable and hated life. I lived like this for eight months. Then I told our nutritionist what was going on. He said that I wasn’t getting enough nutrients to my brain, so it couldn’t function properly. He gave me the hypoglycemia diet, and I followed it for one month. It was the best month of my life. The diet was designed to allow for a steady stream of carbohydrates to the brain. It, also, regulates hormonal imbalances, which is why I got pregnant that same month.

With my severe morning sickness, this diet was impossible to live by while pregnant. I tried to keep some of the principles I had learned, but by the end of the pregnancy, I wasn’t doing much of anything that this diet called for.

Post partum the second time, I thought I had escaped post partum depression. I got to feel the joy of having a newborn baby. It was wonderful, but I felt like I had been robbed of that the first time, and then the depression returned, but I knew what was happening this time, so instead of being incredibly sad, I got very angry. And in my angry state, I did not see the point of using the hypoglycemia diet. I started using sugar to drown out the pain of the depression, which lead to a yeast infection.

Now here is the part that I find truly amazing. I have a wonderful book called Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch. My mom has this book as well in an earlier edition. It discusses many of the disorders in this world and how to naturally heal them, without traditional medicine.

In the Candidiasis (yeast infection) section it says: “Candidiasis may be related to hypoglycemia.”

With the return of my period, came the return of some really nasty premenstrual syndrome (PMS). In my book in the Premenstrual Syndrome sections it says: “PMS has also been linked to food allergies, changes in carbohydrate metabolism, hypoglycemia, and malabsorption.”

I recently had a bout of insomnia. The Insomnia section says: “Insomnia can also result from a wide variety of physical causes, including arthritis, asthma, breathing problems, hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, indigestion, kidney or heart disease, muscle aches, Parkinson’s disease, or physical pain.”

Two days ago my wrist started hurting so badly that I cannot put any kind of weight on it. We thought it might be carpal tunnel, but upon looking up what carpal tunnel is, it is not. So, I went to the fibromyalgia section, and was blown away. This section described all the aches and pains I’ve been feeling since high school down to exactly where they are. This section also says: “Other possible causes that have been proposed include infection with the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), the virus that causes infectious mononucleosis, or with the fungus Candida albicans [yes, that’s the fungus that causes yeast infections]; chronic mercury poisoning from amalgam dental fillings; anemia; parasites; hypoglycemia; and hypothyroidism.”

In conclusion, I have realized that hypoglycemia is entwined in every aspect of my life: physically, mentally, and emotionally, and I have solved the mystery of why my body aches day after day after day. Better yet, I know how to heal these ailments naturally.