Covers were the kind of cloth diaper that I never wanted to try.  I was avoiding them as much as I could.  I thought they would be hard, since they originate from the old school diapers people used to use.  But, since my attempt at making newborn pockets failed, I had to come up with a cheap option fast.  I gave in.  We bought four Thirsties Duo Wraps, size small.  They are just a piece of PUL with some elastic around the edge, and snaps as closures.

It turns out they’re not as hard as I thought they would be.  We use microfiber inserts for them, and I am in the process of making some 100% cotton inserts for them.  Flats and prefolds can, also, be used in them.  Basically anything that is absorbent will work when using a cover.

To use the cover, I lay an insert flat on the cover, and then slide the diaper in place.  I snap it closed on the sides, and then check to make sure the insert is completely covered by the cover.  For a wet diaper, I simply take the diaper off, put the soiled insert in a wet bag, wipe the cover with a wipe, and lay it out to dry.  For a dirty diaper, I toss the whole diaper in a wet bag.  (There’s no need to rinse, since it’s just breast milk poop.)

You don’t need as many covers as you have inserts, since you can reuse the ones that are only wet.  The covers are cheaper than other, fancier diapers, and the inserts are super affordable.  Plus, making a cover is just about the easiest thing ever and you’ll get about six for the price of one you have to buy.  Inserts are a little more challenging, but they are cheaper than buying.

There will be more to come on sewing diapers later.