My Amazing Man

My Amazing ManAs a teenager, my trust in men was basically zero. I did not see any good in them. But, I still dated. I think because I hoped that I could find one that was good, or (cringe) change one into being good. When my parents got divorced, I received counseling as part of the whole process. The lady my mom picked to help me was instrumental in helping me put all of my pieces back in place. We worked on my weaknesses, and then addressed the subject of men. In short, she told me that I had to start trusting men again. The decision to do so was completely my own, but it was as simple as saying, “I trust men.”

And with that, my journey into dating men began. I dated control freaks, porn addicts, arrogant snobs, and finally, I’d had enough of it. I started saying, “no,” to dates and even cancelling if I’He's their's too.d stupidly said, “yes.” I focused on making myself the kind of person that someone I would want to marry would want to marry. Then about a month and a half later, I met my husband. He looked like an alien with his wireless headphones. Yet, I went home that night, knowing that I’d found someone special.

We married quickly, because it was obvious that we were supposed to be together. Marrying opened my eyes to an entirely new world that I did not know existed. I call it the world of amazing men. These men go way beyond my expectation of what a good man is. They perform incredible feats all in the name of taking care of their families. When these men got married, rather than remain a little boy, they rose to the occasion and became amazing men. They all still have their boyish tendencies, but in the eyes of women, they are amazing men. I believe that there are more of these kind of men in the world, than the kind that made me stop trusting men in the first place.