101 Goals in 1001 Days

I found this and thought it would be great for me. Basically, set 101 goals to accomplish over the next 1001 days, which ends up being about 2 3/4 years. It gives you the flexibility to get the small things done and plan out the big things as well. Also, have fun with it. Don’t just make everything something serious to accomplish. I think my favorite goal that I’ve seen someone set so far was “Start a fire with a magnifying glass.” Here are my goals.

Update: I’ve started crossing off the ones who’s times have past for this 1001 days. That doesn’t mean that I don’t still want to do them, but they will have to wait for the next 1001 days, which I intend on doing again. Also, there are goals that I made over two years ago that I don’t care about anymore, so I’m crossing those off as well. This has always been a way to help me stay focused, and I think it has helped. Whenever I can’t figure out what to do with myself, I review these and pick one to work on. It’s, also, helped me become very dedicated to reading the scriptures, which I feel great about.

Start Date: Sept. 9, 2011
End Date: June 5, 2014

26% accomplished, with 12% no longer applicable, leaving 62% to go!

1. Fix the hem on Michael’s shorts. (9/10/2011)
2. Make 36 newborn diapers.
3. Make Lizzy’s Halloween costume. (10/25/2011)
4. Organize fabric. ~done~
5. Read the New Testament. ~done~
6. Read the Old Testament. ~done~
7. Finish reading Sense and Sensibility.
8. Finish Lizzy’s dress.
9. Memorize Reverie.
10. Go to Bryce Canyon.
11. Grow a garden. (9/1/12)
12. Buy a house. (12/1/11)
13. Get out of debt.
14. Buy a second car. (6/25/12)
15. Print wedding pictures. (5/30/14)
16. Strictly follow Dr. Gunn’s diet for 1 month.
17. Teach Lizzy how to read.
18. Finish Lizzy’s first year book.
19. Make a first year book for Leah.
20. Finish first scrapbook. (12/24/11)
21. Don’t eat ice cream for 1 month. (1/1/12)
22. Don’t eat sugar for 2 weeks. (2/14/12)
23. Lose baby weight. (9/15/12)
24. Decide on a date night.
25. Graduate from college.
26. Go to the temple 25 times. 23 to go.
27. Enroll Lizzy in dance lessons.
28. Make Lizzy and Leah Easter dresses. ~done~
29. Make 10 small diapers. (5/0/13)
30. Make 10 large diapers.
31. Learn 10 new recipes. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 (0/0/12)
32. Get a year supply of food storage.
33. Do the dishes everyday for a week. (1/20/13)
34. Go on a family bike ride.
35. Watch Stargate: Atlantis. (11/0/12)
36. Finish the campaign for Starcraft 2.
37. Make 72 hour kits. ~done~
38. Have 10 songs memorized at once.
39. Teach Lizzy the alphabet.
40. Teach Leah the alphabet.
41. Potty train Lizzy.
42. Go on a church tour.
43. Plant a flower garden. (6/1/13)
44. Spend a day with each of my siblings.
45. Go on a special trip with just Michael.
46. Go on a hike. (4/28/13)
47. Have a family picture taken and hang it on the wall. ~done~
48. Have FHE every week for 3 months.
49. Don’t drink soda for 6 months. (6/1/13)
50. Have a concert for friends and family with my 10 songs.
51. Read the Book of Mormon. (10/4/13)
52. Attend a sewing retreat. (5/0/13)
53. Pay for someone else’s food in the drive thru.
54. Complete visiting teaching every month for a year.
55. Pray every night for 3 months.
56. Learn how to wash diapers by hand.
57. Practice washing laundry by hand for 2 weeks.
58. Organize important documents in a fireproof box.
59. Learn how to make my mom’s bread.
60. Make a snowman with the girls.
61. Visit a state I have never been to.
62. Get my extra license.
63. Read my ham radio manual.
64. Play through the entire hymn book. ~done~
65. Play through the entire primary song book. ~done~
66. Get Lizzy down for bed by 8 pm for 2 weeks.
67. Go to the Days of ’47 Parade.
68. Have a 4th of July party.
69. Do our own fireworks show to music.
70. Write my memoires from high school graduation until the present.
71. Make a popcorn chain for the Christmas tree.
72. Make juice popsicles and eat them with the girls. ~done~
73. Complete 1 “no spend” month. Attempt #1
74. Get all my scales up to 120.
75. Go see the lights at temple square as a family.
76. Go to a Jon Schmidt concert. (0/0/12)
77. Read the constitution. ~done~
78. Organize the shoes by the door. (12/24/11)
79. Make a piñata. (1/16/13)
80. Make play dough. (12/7/12)
81. Donate to the perpetual education fund.
82. Give someone in need $100. (12/0/12)
83. Start a savings account for Lizzy and Leah.
84. Get a 3 month savings.
85. Learn how to play all the board games we own.
86. See the tulips at Thanksgiving Point.
87. Go on 25 dates with Michael. 20 to go.
88. Learn to play 3 hymns on the guitar.
89. Finish crocheting a blanket. (12/24/12)
90. Don’t say anything negative about anyone, including myself, for 2 weeks.
91. Don’t whine for 2 weeks.
92. Read the Doctrine and Covenants. ~done~
93. Learn Spanish.
94. Get a 10 gallon salt water fish tank.
95. Organize the filing cabinet.
96. Make my own granola. (10/4/13)
97. Go to bed by 10 pm every night for 2 weeks.
98. Visit Arches National Park.
99. Visit Dinosaur National Monument.
100. Ride on the Heber Valley Railroad. (11/2/12)
101. Go on a drive in the mountains in the fall. Collect pretty leaves to press.

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